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Support Team

Chris Ditty

Chris Ditty has built a successful 10-year track record in business-management accounting and related operational and administrative roles. The beautiful thing for BDR's coaching clientele is that her experience is heavily concentrated in the contracting industry, with wide-ranging experience across all accounting functions, plus many financial, contract & project-administration and employee management functions. Given her work experience with companies ranging in size from 6 to 300 employees and $500,000 to $90 million in sales, Chris understands the impact of size on employee bandwidth, role specialization, and how you structure accounting and office operation job duties to streamline workflow and maximize employee productivity.

Further, Chris has intimate knowledge of BDR's accounting and procedural-driven business-practice methods as a long term BDR employee with responsibility for the following: A/P for 8 companies; A/R & financial reporting for 7 companies; month-end reconciliation & journey entries for 3 companies; and payroll for 1 company all while reporting to 5 different business owners.

Her career roles include: BDR Financial Coach, Accounting Assistant, Sub-Contractor Payables Specialist, Contract Administrator and Office Manager. Her experience includes: All accounting and financial reporting functions; payroll; L&I claims management, collections, contract & sub-contractor administration, work-in-process management & billing.

Finally, Chris worked in the Commercial Construction Industry for many years as a Contract Administrator where her duties ranged from contract preparation, progress billing, certified payroll, job-costing, contract closeout & retention billing, as well as preparing monthly financials. Further, Chris worked for a large General Contractor and learned how sub-contractor contracts are managed. Thus, Chris can assist sub-contractors against being abused by GC contracting & payment practices.

Here are two of Chris's many accomplishments: a) Installed commercial contract management and accounting systems for one company, preventing them from losing a lot of money as they entered the commercial contracting arena; b) Developed a multi-tiered tracking data-sheet that consolidated multiple manual worksheets, automating calculations across multiple simultaneous projects, which increased data accuracy, saved time & money and delivered daily reports to all managers, reliably.

Cindy Kimbro

Cindy Kimbro is a highly qualified and knowledgeable accounting, finance and business operations professional, who joins BDR as a Financial Coach. Her expertise is industry-specific in HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Her experience spans 12-years, starts at the ground level by "doing everything in the office", and winds through all of the financial and office operations roles found in a contracting business with 35-40 employees. Her performance at all levels resulted in promotion to the strategic financial & office operations leadership role for a large, diversified contracting business. With her propensity for learning, Cindy has attended college for contractor accounting and business management, plus numerous industry-specific training & business planning classes through BDR. As a BDR-coached client for 7-years, Cindy is highly knowledgeable in our business philosophies and practices and she is an expert in contractor accounting, financial analysis and office operations. Furthermore, she has practical experience in accounting and customer-management software conversions & configuration.

Starting in 2001 for this Nashville, TN based, $600,000 contractor, Cindy was the first office employee hired. As such, she performed all office operations roles over the next few years, starting with Service Dispatcher & Installation Coordinator. Her role evolved into bookkeeping and office administration and she was promoted to Office Manager wherein she administered the company's accounting and clerical staff procedures. The company continued to grow, achieving $5.2 million in annual sales and Cindy's role evolved again into Financial Controller and ultimately into Director of Operations. In her final role, she had strategic financial authority and duties including: office operations, accounting system structure and process controls; financial & profit analysis for strategic decision-making; valuation analysis of acquisition targets; management responsibility for all office operations personnel, plus HR and training.

Cindy brings a rare blend of HVAC & Contractor industry expertise and knowledge to bear for BDR's business coaching clients.

Jeanne Ward

Jeanne Ward has 17-years of HVAC industry experience in all aspects of accounting, office operations and staff management for two different commercial contractors with peak sales of $3.2 million and 30 employees. She has held all accounting and office operations roles, managed an office staff of six and trained dozens of operations and production personnel over the years.

In the accounting arena, Jeanne's experience spans full-charge Bookkeeper, AR, AP, Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, and Financial & Tax Reporting. She had management responsibility for new-hire orientation, invoicing, warrantee, worker-compensation issues and general liability, sales tax, labor and IRS issues, including management of all audits.

While her primary focus has remained on accounting and finance, she was the Office Manager for years. And while there were very few formal titles bestowed, Jeanne has performed most office operations and supervisory or management roles in these areas: Receptionist, Billing Clerk, Benefits Administrator, Safety Committee Administrator, Service Dispatcher and Service Manager. She also has experience as the Construction Coordinator responsible for purchase orders, inventory and all accounting functions related to project management.

Jeanne also drove the office-automation projects wherein she implemented, configured and managed the company's Accounting software; Customer and Service Management software. She integrated the accounting and customer management software and trained the staff in their roles on how to use the software. Coupled with the software systems, she implemented processes and procedures to streamline and automate back-office operations, including: Warrantee processing procedures; Missed-Billing "detective" processes; inventory management; PO processing and a litany of others.

Jeanne has attended several technical training classes, gaining a better understanding of the equipment and daily job activities of the service technician and installer roles. She has done numerous field site visits with technicians or the Service Manager to inspect and gather information on equipment and layouts, assess serviceability challenges, and troubleshoot equipment and client issues. Thus, Jeanne gained invaluable knowledge on field operations, respect from field personnel, and leveraged this into successfully pricing and selling maintenance contracts and resolving repeat-service call and customer billing issues.

"I like leading a team and I loved the versatility of my role, working on productivity improvement projects and solving the challenges that come with day-to-day operations. Through questions and site-visits with field staff over the years, I learned how the operational jobs work; how paperwork should flow and where departmental interfaces typically break down, causing mistakes to be made."

Jenn Amerson

Jenn Amerson has a six year background in customer service. Two of those six years were as a trainer in the Customer Service Department of a major airline. In addition to taking on the role of Profit Coach Support Coach for BDR, Jenn will be completing her degree in Business Communications.

Jenn has a passion for people, exceptional customer service and teaching in a fast paced environment. Jenn's high energy and creative thinking are an invaluable compliment to the Support Team.

Kasey Stanley

Kasey Stanley brings considerable expertise and practical experience to her role as a Financial Coach for BDR's clients. She has a total of 20-years of accounting experience with the last 10-years in the HVAC industry. She has worked for two companies in HVAC, starting as the Full-Charge Bookkeeper and taking on more responsibility in Dispatching and Office Management. With Kasey's first HVAC employer, she attended several BDR business-management training classes, including: Structuring for Profit & Growth; Growing & Managing a Profitable Service Division; Service Dispatch University and Accounting & Office Management. Her first HVAC employer was also in BDR's Profit Coach Program for two years. As the full-charge Bookkeeper, Kasey attended all coaching sessions with the owner, spanning all company operations. Kasey had direct management responsibility for many of the implementation projects, including Bookkeeping; IT systems, Website & Marketing Programs, Office Operations, Service Operations, and Installation Processes. She also attended BDR's Profit Launch, working with the owner to build a BDR-caliber business plan for his company

Kasey had an opportunity to move to a larger company that needed to modernize, upgrade and streamline all aspects of their business operations. Her role quickly evolved from consultant to a full-time dual role of GM & Controller lasting seven years. Kasey leveraged her people-skills and BDR training to gain buy-in from employees and set about modernizing the legacy Dos-Based customer database and accounting systems. Kasey successfully: Implemented QuickBooks Enterprise and trained the bookkeeper on all aspects of QuickBooks and BDR's HVAC accounting template and procedures; Installed Desco ESC as their customer and service management software, training all staff; Integrated Desco ESC to QuickBooks and; Executed a complete software conversion from the Dos-based system to Desco & QuickBooks; The next phase was to integrate their Flat Rate Service billing into Desco and implement wireless billing as well. The benefits were significant efficiency gains throughout all company operations. During Kasey's tenure as the GM & Controller, the company grew steadily and increased sales efficiency by some 65%:

- Year 2008 - $1.46 million in sales; 14 employees; averaging $104,285 in sales per employee

- Year 2013 - $3.80 million in sales; 22 employees; averaging $172,727 in sales per employee

In Kasey's words: "I love it when a plan comes together! I get pure joy from identifying a challenge, formulating a plan and putting that plan into action. That goes for everything from my kids' football booster club to a 5-year business plan for my clients"

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance. Kim has worked in the accounting & finance field for over nine years. The first four of these years Kim worked as a staff accountant in the health care field. Her duties ranged from journal entries and balancing bank accounts to preparing budget statements for department managers and assisting with annual audits.

The past five years Kim worked as an office manager and lead accountant for a heating and air conditioning contractor. During a small portion of this time she also worked as a staff accountant in the manufacturing industry. Throughout this time Kim has become an expert at working with Quickbooks, TOM software, Excel and other computing programs. Kim has a diverse background in accounting and has always felt at home with the HVAC Industry. Kim enjoys a challenge and wants to use her diverse experience to help others build, grow and manage their businesses.

Meegan Stanton

Meegan Stanton has been with BDR since 2006, moving quickly through the ranks to become one of BDR's Financial Coaches. Starting as a Financial Analyst, Meegan has provided excellent customer service and shown a strong desire to help others with any accounting issues that may arise. Moving next to Support Coach and Senior Financial Analyst, Meegan used her skills to assist others internally to realize the passion for our customers and service external needs. Meegan's proven ability to work efficiently and promptly to meet customer needs is an invaluable asset.

Meegan has completed her Bachelor's degree in Business with a focus on Accounting at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Her schooling has provided an extensive knowledge base for reading and dissecting financial statements to find your company's opportunities. Meegan's attributes will support BDR and its clients in their journey to profit and growth.

Rachel Millington
Rachel Millington brings her 13 years of experience in the accounting field to BDR's Profit Coach Team. Before coming to BDR, Rachel worked extensively to help grow a family-owned business through her accounting and QuickBooks expertise. Starting as a Support Coach, Rachel has provided excellent customer service and shown a strong desire to help others with any accounting issues that may arise. To further her desire to assist our customers with their accounting needs Rachel is performing a duel role here at BDR. She is BDR's Financial Intake Specialist & Financial Coach; Rachel uses her accounting and QuickBooks knowledge to assist our clients in creating accurate and clear managerial financial reports through accounting concept training that emphasizes BDR's philosophy and the implementation of accounting concepts.
Shannon Gonzalez
Shannon Gonzalez has joined BDR as a Financial Analyst. She brings with her a two year degree in Accounting, as well as an Associates of Arts Degree from Green River Community College. She draws experience from one year of data entry processing and office work as a receptionist and five plus years of customer service and management experience in the restaurant industry. Shannon strives for growth, knowledge and accuracy in all she does.
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